IROA Level 1 Range Officer Seminars

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As part of NROI Australia, Range officer training is undertaken.

An IROA Level 1 Range Officer Seminar was recently held in Sydney (Feb 2018) with 15 candidates sitting the two day course. The course is open to all current IPSC members.

The course is two days of theory and discussion, designed to give candidates a better understanding of the IPSC rules and their application. It is generally held in a “non-range” environment.

Once a candidate has completed the two days seminar, they must work at a level III match under the supervision of a current NROIA member in order to complete their training and apply to become a member of NROIA.

If you are interested in attending the next course, please contact me by email or approach me at the range.


Jim Staader

Testimonial about the Level 1 Ranger Officer Seminar by Geoff Neill

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