IPSC Grading

Why Do We Have Grading?

National grades allow you to compete at any competition in Australia against competitors of similar ability. Without a grade, you are not eligible for recognition in the grade results in any sanctioned competition.

The National Membership Officer maintains the National Grading List.

What Are The Grades

Grand Master: 95% and more (only at the Australian National Championships)

Master: 85% – 100% (or 94.99% at the Australian National Championships)

A: 75% to 84.99%

B: 60% to 74.99%

C: 40% to 59.99%

D: Less than 40%

Grand Master status can only be achieved at the Australian National Championships and will only be retained for 2 years. If the required score is not achieved during this period, the grade will automatically go to Master.

Each Division has its own grade and shooters must qualify in a new division if they wish to shoot a match in that new division or they will shoot as ungraded for that match.

For more information regarding grading, check the IPSC Australia Website or contact the IPSC NSW Section Co-ordinator.

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