How To Join

How to join this exciting and challenging shooting discipline

IPSC is a shooting discipline, rather than a stand-alone club.

Initially, participants need to be a member of a shooting club that is affiliated with IPSC. Look at the Club Finder page. If your current club is not affiliated, ask your club’s executive to consider affiliation with IPSC.  Download a document about club affiliation here.

To join IPSC as an individual member, participants are required to pass the IPSC safety and holster proficiency assessment. If your club is affiliated with IPSC they can assist with training and call upon an approved assessor when you are ready.

People wishing to complete a holster safety and proficiency course should have access to a suitable handgun (centre-fire in 9mm, .38 or .357 calibre), with holster and belt, speed loaders (for revolver) or magazines and magazine pouches (for semi-auto pistols). New members of shooting clubs usually cannot own a handgun until a training/probationary period is over (usually 6 months).

Download a step-by-step document for individuals with more details here.

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