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This page is for comments from the NSW NROI Delegate.  The current delegate is Jim Staader


Hi all!

As part of NROI Australia, Range officer training is undertaken.

An IROA Level 1 Range Officer Seminar was recently held in Sydney with 15 candidates sitting the two day course. The course is open to all current IPSC members.

The course is two days of theory and discussion, designed to give candidates a better understanding of the IPSC rules and their application. It is generally held in a “non-range” environment.

Once a candidate has completed the two days seminar, they must work at a level III match under the supervision of a current NROIA member in order to complete their training and apply to become a member of NROIA.

If you are interested in attending the next course, please contact me by email or approach me at the range.


Jim Staader

Testimonial about the Level 1 Ranger Officer Seminar by Geoff Neill

Hi all!

As the new NROI delegate for New South Wales, I am looking forward to assisting individuals and clubs over the coming year. I think most of you know me, I have been an active competitor on the “circuit” over the last seven years and have made many, many friends along the way.

My aim as NROI delegate is to actively encourage people to give something back to IPSC and assist in running matches.

By encouraging more people to actively participate as Range Officers, not just at their own clubs but at “Open” matches, we will be able to improve not just our level of officiating, but our sport as a whole. The satisfaction of helping to run a match is a great feeling. Helping your friends to enjoy our sport; that’s what being an Range Officer is about. Nearly every IPSC shooter has “run a mate through” a course of fire. It’s not that difficult. Like anything, the more you do it, the better at it you become. When next at the range, grab that timer and say “I’ll run you through, mate”.

I have taken the liberty of downloading and posting a copy of  The Range Officers Creed. It is a set of values that I would like to extol in my time a NSW NROI delegate. I urge you all to have a look.

Also helpful for Range Officers is “How to be a Better RO”. This handy little document has some great tips.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions you would like to ask about anything that’s IPSC related (or shooting related for that matter!)

See you at the range!

Jim Staader

The current Delegate is Mr. Kent Docker (’03 & ’04 “Top Range Officer” at the Nationals)

On the weekend we had 24 people attend the RO’s course; they were 2 very intense days.

I would like to congratulate all those who attended. Their attitude and responses were fantastic and will be welcome additions to the ranks of RO’s in NSW.

To John the legend and Jim who portrayed the short man so well, guy’s I could not have done it without you both; thanks for all the help. Also to Paul Britton and Glenn Land many thanks.

So please when you see a new RO treat them well as they are the life blood of our sport.

A large raspberry to Glenn Land who made the comment that if it all went so well when are we doing the next course and where.

I will look forward to seeing all those who attended the course at your clubs and also at the Bowral shoot.

Many thanks
See you all soon


Course Photos

Hi all

The RO’s course will be run over Saturday and Sunday the 22nd and 23rd of July, 2006. Start time is 8.00am SHARP! There is a $30.00 dollar fee for the course and pre-registration is MANDATORY (Contact Glenn Land or Kent to confirm attendance).

Location is:-
St Ives Pistol Club
Mona Vale Rd
St Ives

(Approx 900 metres past the St Ives Show Ground, just north of the RTA enclosure/cage is a white gate; PLEASE observe 10 KMH speed limit on the driveway).

Please fill out the Registration Form and do Exam 5 and bring both with you.




Many thanks go to our previous NROI delegate, Graeme Lyttle, for all his hard work.

To all those that attended the Range Officers Course in Sydney Last weekend. Thanks for attending what I must say is one of the largest R.O. courses I’ve seen.

I would like to thank you all for all the work that you did over the Sat and Sun of the long weekend.  I hope you all found the course worth wile and learned a thing or two about the rules of this great and challenging sport.

Hopefully we didn’t scare too many of you away and I will be looking forward to seeing you at some of the upcoming matches.

John and myself will be coming around to the clubs to see how you are going and if we can help out or assist in any way.

Thanks to Greg Moon (Moony) for taking the time to come up and run us all through the course.

See you at the range.


Kent Docker

Greetings all.

Its good to see that everyone is up to date with the current rules. I say this as I have not received any enquiries/questions about them.

We have only a couple of enquiries at present regarding the next R.O.’s course ( yet to be decided). I will be
going to the upcoming St Ives Open in a couple of weeks and you can catch me there and talk to me about the rules and NROI etc.

I have recently been made a member of IROA (International Range Officers Asscciation) and hope to be able to work a
match OS in the future. I am going to put my name in to work the next World Shoot in Equador. That would be a buzz to work and shoot that match.

I know we are all having difficulty with the current situation but it will get back to normal (!!)

Regards and Best wishes to all.

Keep on getting on.

Greetings all,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the R.O.’s that assisted with the running of the recent Australian Nationals at the Blacktown pistol club in Sydney. I would have liked to have seen more R.O.’s from NSW working and would like to especially thank Kent Docker and Scott Carr for their good efforts.

Working at a match of this calibre is a lot of fun and the experience you gain will make you a better RO. Don’t be shy next time, we all had to start somewhere. It is not as intimidating as it may seem. As assistant to the match director, Greg Moon, I was very pleased with the way the match went with no arbitrations and only 4 DQ’s recorded.

As you all should now be aware, the rules in use for I.P.S.C. is the 14th, September 2002 edition. This set of rules is not yet available for general distribution but can be downloaded from the International I.P.S.C web site. I suggest you all get a copy of this and compare this version of the rules to the superseded purple book. It is a great way to brush up on the rules and to bring you up to speed. Although there are not a lot of changes, they are significant.

This web page will not be available to debate the rules, but if anyone has any questions on them, they can email me direct and I will answer them personally and also put the Q&A on this page. No names will be mentioned.

I know it has been a long time coming, but a N.R.O.I. newsletter is not far away. Greg Moon, the N.R.O.I. president has mentioned that as soon as the current situation on guns becomes a little more clear, that will lead the way for the newsletter. Greg has been extremely busy( as with many others) with this situation in trying to get the best out of it for us. Also, there has been a new volunteer to handle the N.R.O.I. merchandise. I know shirts etc have been nearly impossible to get but this should change soon. I will post a notice as soon as I know it is happening.

That will do for now people so please keep on R.O.ing.

Cheers and Regards

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