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Hello to all IPSC members I would first like to wish everyone a very happy new year and hope you are all well.

I would  like to go back a little to our last match that was held at Newcastle and our A.G.M. last year for those of you that attended the A.G.M. I spoke briefly that there would be some changes to the selection criteria for anyone wishing to make the N.S.W. state team.

The new selection criteria will be as follows.

There will be four (4) team selection matches instead of six (6) and the clubs hosting the selection matches will have it on their entry forms this does not mean you do not have to attend any other matches that the other hosting clubs put on I would encourage everyone to attend and support all clubs in N.S.W. whether it be team selection or not.

Also as part of the four (4) selection matches you MUST shoot your State Titles as part of the 4, I will no longer accept another State Titles from interstate and if should the need arise and we have two or more people that are extremely close or tide for positions another selection match will be hosted to determine the winner (for those people only).

The first match will be our State Titles in Hume,  Blacktown will be hosting a match in a couple of weeks this is a prep for New Zealand it is not a team selection.

All other aspects will stay the same as before as far as percentages for reimbursement or disqualification ect, and selection criteria may be amended or changed should the need arise or circumstances change as the A.P.A. funds the teams it reserves the right to do so.

For those of you that will be attending the nationals in New Zealand the same deal applies accommodation is based on twin share, air fare will be calculated to most cost effective flight ect.

Thank you & Kind Regards

Samuel  Lopresti

Dear I.P.S.C. members,

Hello and wishing you all a great start to the new year. I have returned from the first match and the start to our calendar year at Coffs Harbour.

Sam Hui has once again put on a great match and those of you that were there would agree with me. For the people that did not go, you missed a very good match and I hope you can go next time.

I would firstly like to say thank you to everyone who attended matches last year. Whether they were team selections or not it is very satisfying to attend and support the clubs that host matches.

Secondly, I wish to say well done to all the shooters that tried to make the State Teams. There are only so many spots available and the competition was tough. To those of you that did not make the team you did not miss out by much and I hope you do well this year.

To the team members that have made the team, congratulations to you all. You attended the matches and had a great battle to earn your spots.

I would also like to say a special well done and first time team members Josh Tipping and Paul Vardenaga.

Please book your accomodation and air fare A.S.A.P. and make sure your entry fee is paid.

If anyone who thinks they can’t accept a team spot please advise me as soon as possible.

Best Wishes

Samuel  Lopresti  A.P.A. Director.


IPSCNSW would also like to congratulate the following members on making the various IPSC teams to represent NSW for the 2007 IPSC Nationals to be held in June at Darwin.

Teams & Members Sponsored by the NSWAPA

Gold Open Team Members 2007:

Robert Vlakic

Damien Fitzgerald

Dean Noakes

Paul Vardanega

Silver Open Team Members 2007:

Josh Tipping

Darko Mihaljevic

Diana Williams

Gold Standard Team Members 2007:

Brian Blight

Mathew Workman

Sam Lopresti

Glenn Land

Top Lady Open 2007:

Diana Williams

Top Junior Open 2007:

Josh Tipping

Top Junior Standard 2007:

Jeffrey Staader

Team Sponsored by the IPSCNSW

Gold Production Team Members 2007:

Jim Staader

Garry White

Ed Schulz

Bruce McHardy

Silver Standard Team Members 2007:

Adrian Keed

Sang Yuen

Shane King

Scott Tuckey

Additional Information for our 2007 Team members.

Shortly we will be posting a notification letter to all team members confirming your nomination for the 2007 IPSCNSW teams and offering you the slot on your various teams. Accompanying each letter will also be a Team Members Agreement, which you must sign and return to IPSCNSW if you wish to accept the offered team slot.

Also it is recommended that you have a look at the following pages, as they contain additional information regarding Team members entitlements and how you go about applying for reimbursement.



Once again congratulation to all of our 2007 IPSC NSW Team members.

Updated State Team Selection Scores can be found here. Congratulations to all who competed at Newtec.

Updated State Team Selection Scores can be found here. Congratulations to all who competed at Blacktown & Drummoyne at the weekend.

Updated State Team Selection Scores can be found here. Congratulations to all who made the trip to Grafton.


The Webmaster

Here are the State Team Selection Scores for the 2007 Nationals updated after the Blacktown Open. Thanks to all competitors who helped christen the new earth ranges at Blacktown.


The Webmaster

Hi all!

Here are the State Team Selection Scores for the 2007 Nationals. Congratulations to all NSW members who made the trek across. I think you’d agree that it was an outstanding match.


The Webmaster

Welcome to the New Year.

While I am aware the 2006 Nationals are yet to be held, you can find the State Team Selection scores so far for the 2007 Nationals here.


The Webmaster

The State Team selection scores so far for the 2006 Nationals are here as a webpage. The teams to be sent are yet to be finalised. To download the original file right click here. (Updated 29.11.05)

The NSW APA sponsor the Gold Open Team, the Gold Standard Team, and the Silver Open Team over the course of the IPSC National Pistol Championships each year.

IPSC NSW sponsor the Gold Production Team and the Silver Standard Team over the course of the IPSC National Pistol Championships each year.

NSW APA Teams Selection Criteria

NSW APA Team Member Conduct Agreement

NSW APA Teams Re-imbursement Form

IPSC NSW Teams Selection Criteria

IPSC NSW Team Member Conduct Agreement

IPSC NSW Teams Re-imbursement Form

Hello everyone I hope you are all well.

This is part 2 of the state team selection criteria.In my previous post I talked about the team selection criteria. This post now relates to team members’ obligations once they have made the team. All aspects of this relate to APA sponsored Gold Teams members and most of it to APA Silver teams members.

Once the results are finalized, potential team members will be asked if they wish to take up the position. A definite answer must be given within 14 days. If an offered position is accepted, the member will be required to sign a team agreement to acknowledge that they have read and understand the team requirements as to performance and conduct during the Nationals. Team members will need to fulfil these requirements to be eligible for your refund.

Here is the list of requirements you will need to meet in order for you to receive your Team refund.

  1. You must shoot at least 80% of the national champion’s score. (GOLD TEAMS ONLY)
  2. You will help pick up brass, patch, re-set targets, etc.
  3. Getting disqualified (DQ’d) for unsafe gun handling or un-sportsman like behavior may result in non-payment of the team refund. Likewise, failing the chrono. This is at the discretion of the team manager.
  4. Problems with your equipment i.e. pistol, ammunition etc, will not be accepted as an excuse for a bad performance. This is the national championships and you have had twelve months to sort out your equipment.
  5. Team members are expected to shoot as a team, i.e. help each other and work together to solve a stage problem and not just keep it to themselves.
  6. While competing at the range you must wear the Team shirts that are supplied by IPSC NSW. It is your responsibility to present yourself in a neat and tidy way while at the range.
  7. You are required to make your self available for team meetings before and during the Nationals.
  8. You are required to attend the official presentation dinner.
  9. At the presentation dinner it is required and expected that all N.S.W. teams will sit together.
  10. Follow any reasonable instruction given to you by the team’s manager.
  11. If you think you are unable to adhere to the above please do not sign the team’s agreement. Once you sign it you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the above.

This may seem harsh to some but I know it can be done. Unfortunately, at the Perth nationals we had three team members D.Q.’d; two gold and one silver. I know sometimes “things” can happen and I am not having a go at anyone, but my point is that these three were seasoned shooters and have been on the state team a number of times. To make things worse one shooter even failed the chrono.

As a state and a team we need to do better. It was only a short number of years back that N.S.W. was unbeatable. Now with the exception of the Open silver team we are finishing around fourth for both gold teams.

We can start by firstly changing our match stages. I was not real pleased with the St Ives match and before anyone starts jumping up and down I appreciate it’s only a hand full of the same people that do the set-up work. It happens at our club as well.

There were a few people that were D.Q.’d due to poor stage design and once again I am not having a go at anyone, the problem is that we always stand and shoot, move to the next section, stand and shoot. We need to vary what we do. As soon as someone says make it harder, the first thing is to push out the targets or poppers to 30 or 40 mtrs. This is OK for M Grade or A Grade shooters but humiliates the C and D Grade shooters as they hit nothing.

I can think of at least 6 stage designs off the top of my head where the targets or poppers are no further than 15 to 20 mtrs away but still make it tough for the shooter as if it was a 30 to 40 mtr shot. What I am saying is put the shooter in an unusual shooting position. Make the shooter engage through a port that is to high too go prone and too low to kneel. When was the last time you shot a Comstock and finished the stage by going prone or shooting around a drum or barrel? Just because the government has restricted our calibre and mag capacity doesn’t mean we need to restrict our stage designs.

Have a think about your stages. Remember, if you design something different and you go interstate and they have something similar, you can say to yourself that you have done it and not panic because it looks too hard.

If you need help to set up stages contact your Section Coordinator; that’s what he’s there for. I am sure Glenn or Damien can arrange for people to help with setting up stages. It’s a lot of work for the same clubs and people to keep setting up and holding matches. That’s why all clubs should help each other. And if your club isn’t able to hold a match, why not get your members together and offer to help another club run a match or design and set up stages? It all helps.

If anyone has any questions regarding the above, do not hesitate to either e-mail me or ring me. I will be glad to explain anything you need to know.


Sam Lopresti

A.P.A. Practical Pistol Director.

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