Hi All

I would like to introduce you to the new IPSC NSW Committee for 2012-2013.

The Annual AGM was held at Newcastle Pistol Club on Saturday 27th October, 2012. Glenn Land, who has been our Section Coordinator for many years, has retired from the position. Glenn has been a driving force for IPSC in NSW, and I am sure you will join me in thanking him for his tireless effort and commitment.

The new committee was voted in, with the following people accepting the positions below.

Section Coordinator: Paul Vardanega  sectioncoordinator@ipscnsw.org.au

Secretary: Cheryl Lopresti secretary@ipscnsw.org.au

Treasurer: Jim Staader  treasurer@ipscnsw.org.au

Dept Section Coordinator: Sam Lopresti

Committee Members:

  • Ray Docwra
  • Robert Tucket
  • Brian Blight
  • Glenn Land

From the meeting, there were questions raised in relation to the Grading of each member and grading matches. The IPSCA requirements for grading are on the IPSCA website, under the “Resources” link. This can only be accessed by IPSC Members who have requested access through their respective sections. If you would like access to this area, please contact either myself, Jim Staader or Cheryl Lopresti and we can arrange a password for you to gain access.

In general terms, a match must have either a Grand Master or 2 Master Grade competitors that have shot their grade at the last IPSCA Nationals. The match must also be established as being of a standard that is considered suitable to be used as a grading match. All re-grades are determined by the Section Coordinator and forwarded to the Regional Director for approval. Any NSW matches that are deemed to suit this criteria will be noted on the NSW site after the completion of the match, and any Competitors who are re-graded will be notified. There is also a standard Grading Match that can be used to establish grades.

I will endeavour to get a calendar up on the NSW website for matches in 2013, as soon as I receive notification from the Clubs wishing to hold matches next year. If you are a Delegate of any NSW Club and wish to hold a match next year, please contact me ASAP, so we can get a yearly calendar established. At present, the NSW State Titles will be held at Hume Pistol Club in Albury, on the first weekend in May 2013. This is planned to be a Level 3 match. Coffs Harbour have also expressed interest in holding their Open at the end of May.

A copy of the minutes from the AGM is also on our NSW website for you to read.

Please do not hesitate to contact the committee Executive, or any of the Members, if you have any questions in relation to IPSC NSW.

Look forward to seeing you at the next match.

Paul Vardanega

IPSC NSW Section Coordinator

Hello Everyone

I hope that you all had a good Christmas and that your 2009 year ended well and that you are looking forward to a great year of shooting in 2010. For me looking back on 2009 it was not one of our better years for growth as we pretty well just kept our numbers on the previous year, but when you consider it was a year marred by one of the worst financial downturns in many a year, a lot of people had to decide on what they spent their money and let’s face it our sport is not one of the cheaper ones. I guess we did well to hold our ground.

But now that we have made it in to 2010 and the economic future is starting to look brighter I need all of you to once again start look at recruiting new members and to also encourage those members that have let their membership lapse to rejoin in 2010, remember you are our best advertisement after all, which brings me onto my next topic.

I would like to touch on match etiquette. Now, while most of our members generally do the right thing most of the time at matches, I have started to notice a level of indifference or selfishness start to show its head at our matches and it is starting to spread like a sickness. While a lot of it is not really bad, unfortunately it seems to start to spread during the weekend with more and more competitors showing the symptoms.

The symptoms are in most cases very simple things, like not helping with the running of your squad such as not patching and picking up of brass, the resetting of targets, organising of the score sheets, even scoring, but if you ask most competitors at matches they would say they have done their share, but ask yourself, have you really?

Look at it this way; in a normal 2 day match with, say, 230 rounds and 12 stages, your squad would have around 15 competitors in it, would you say you have at least patched 230 holes/stood up steel over the weekend? That would mean that you have walked up to every target and stood up every piece of steel at least once over the weekend, that goes the same for the picking up of brass; have you picked up at least that amount of spent cases? I know that some of you do, but a lot of you only think you do.

Then take scoring. In our average squad over our average weekend, if there are 15 of you in a squad and 12 stages that means that all but 3 of you would need to do the scoring (hold the score sheets and record the scores) for your squad during a weekend for it to work out fair. Now I know some of you will say “I am not confident to do it”, but really it is just part of the sport, like learning to draw or how to reload. If you can learn those things then learning to score is not any harder, all you need to do is ask to be shown and I am sure someone will be more than happy to. I have been in this sport for a long time and I can think of quite a few of you that I have never seen doing the scoring for a squad and it’s not that you don’t know how to.

Now I am not trying to preach, but I feel that a lot of competitors have not really thought about what their fair share of the work at a match is or should be. Remember, at the end of the day a very small group of people have done a great deal of work in setting up the match for you to shoot. At the very least you should make sure you have done your part to assist in the running of the match. Remember, no one is forcing you to enter and compete at these matches, you are doing it of your own free will and in doing so you should accept your part in helping making sure the match runs well.

Matches for 2010

At this time the NSW calendar is starting to fill up with all but 2 of the team selection matches being taken up, but I have tentative option by clubs for those dates at this time so by all accounts we should have our full calendar for 2010.

The only matches at this time I have no real takers for are any of the Super Sunday shoots, so guys if you know your club can and has run one of these matches in the past, why not contact your clubs delegate and offer to help with running one. They are a great way to learn about running matches even if it’s only offering to help with designing the stages or even the paper work side of a match with doing score sheets and even learning the scoring programme. ISCNSW can assist with advice and help for any of the above.

NSW State Titles 2010

For those of you that don’t know, this year it will be held at Blacktown Pistol club on the 6th & 7th of March 2010 (Entry form) and entry’s slots will fill up fast, so if you wish to shoot in it, pull your finger out.

Also we are hoping to have it sanctioned as a Level 3 match so that means we will be needing Range Officers for this match. If you are interested contact Jim Staader and he can let you know what extra benefits besides free entry you will get for helping us out.

IPSC Australia Nationals 2010

Will be held in Perth, WA between 1st & 6th of April 2010 (entry form here) and by all accounts it is shaping up to be a very good match and once again if you wish to enter I would get my entry in as soon as possible. Also I have heard that accommodation is starting to fill up so I would not leave it to the last minute to arrange things. For more information check out the IPSCA web site.

IPSCNSW Team members for 2010

At this time all of the letters of offer should have been received by our members that have been picked for our 2010 NSW teams to Perth, so if you see your name below and you have not yet received a letter from me offering you a slot then please contact me as soon as you can.

So with that out of the way I would like to congratulate the following members for making our NSW teams for 2010.

Gold Open Silver Open
Dean Noakes Paul Vardanega
Damien Fitzgerald Sam Lopresti
Doug Petts Darko Mihaljevic
Robert Vlakic Diana Williams
Gold Standard Standard Lady Rep
Shane King Alexandra Thompson
Brian Blight
Joseph Panganiban
Warren West
Gold Production
Jim Staader
Mark Kissun
Peter Lo
Paul Langley

IPSC Targets for Sale

IPSCNSW now has IPSC targets in stock for sale to our current IPSC affiliated clubs and our IPSCNSW members.

Cost is $65.00 per 100 for all buff targets and $80.00 per 100 for No-shoot type (white one side, buff the other)

You or your club arrange pick and delivery.

For more information contact the IPSCNSW Section Co Ordinator.


That’s it for this update, I know that once again 2010 will be quite busy for some of us especially for first few months with SA, Vic & the NSW State Titles all on in a short time frame and then our Nationals, so some of us will be once again living out of our range bags. So if you are travelling to interstate matches I wish you a safe trip, all the best and for those of us staying home I hope you manage to make it to some of our matches for the year.

Shoot Safe and Shoot Fast.

Glenn Land

IPSCNSW Section Co Ordinator

Hello Everyone

It’s been a little while since my last news report and update as Section Co Ordinator and I must apologise for this but it has been a busy year.

But I do know that Jim Staader in his position as webmaster has been keeping the web site up to date with match notices, match reports and scores as well as any relevant information that our members may have needed to know, so for that I would like to thank Jim for his constant work on the IPSCNSW web site as it is one of the best updated IPSC web site going in Australia.

This past year, NSW has had a very good year for matches held and attended and I would like to thank everyone for their support. Eight 2-Day Open team selection matches saw 162 members compete in Open Division, 250 members compete in Standard Division, 153 members compete in Production Division and 5 in Revolver Division. It also saw our members travel from one end of the state to the other with matches held as far part as the southern end of our state in Albury and at the top end of our state in Grafton. I am happy to report that all where well attended. Again, thank you all for your support.

We also had 5 Super Sunday’s held during the year which saw 55 members compete in Open, 86 compete in Standard, 69 compete in Production and 9 brave souls compete in Revolver Division. It should also be noted that Bathurst PC held their first IPSC match with a Super Sunday and by all reports it was a very good match for their first effort. Congratulations Bathurst Pistol Club!

The IPSCA Nationals held in Victoria and the 2nd running of the Steel Challenge Nationals at Blacktown Pistol Club once again saw our IPSCNSW members place well in both matches.

And lets not for get another little IPSC match held this year in the IPSC world shoot XV in Bali which saw the biggest contingency of 97 Australians to ever compete at an overseas IPSC World Shoot, with a total of more than a 1000 competitors competing from all over the world.

It’s also pleasing that our NSW members did well with a few standouts being:

Open Division: Robert Valkic 143rd overall
Diana Williams 176th overall and 19th female
Standard Division: Peter Hatzipanagiotis 274th overall
Production Division: Paul Langley 41st overall
Bob Sully 180th overall and 3rd Super Senior
Jodi Lyall 206th overall and 10th female

So in all I believe NSW had a very good year of IPSC competition which saw matches well attended. It was also good to see a lot of first time competitors at matches which if the trend keeps going we should have a very good 2009.

Matches for 2009

At this time I am still trying to confirm match dates for 2009.There are a few matches and dates locked in for 2009 but I am still trying to sort out the early part of 2009. Unfortunately I think that because we have had such a big year of matches during 2008 a lot of our members who organise club matches are starting to wear out. It seems to be the same few dedicated members at the same clubs putting their hand up each year to arrange matches, so if you belong to a club that can host IPSC matches please contact your clubs’ delegate and offer your help, I can bet it will be appreciated!

Hopefully I will have a better idea of dates in the next few weeks, so keep an eye on our web site for calendar updates.

NSW State Titles 2009

For those of you that don’t know, this year they will be held at Grafton Pistol club on the 7th & 8th of March 2009. Competitor numbers will be limited and will fill up fast with QLD being so close, so if you wish to shoot in it, do be slow getting your entries in.

Most of you should have received a hard copy of the entry form in the post this week, if you didn’t then it’s probably that you are not a financial member for 2008-2009 or you have changed your mailing address and not told us. Contact IPSCNSW if you are thinking of going to the match and do not have an entry form, otherwise you can wait until the entry forms are posted officially on the IPSCNSW web in January 2009. Again, remember there will be a limit for numbers of entries and once that’s met that’s it (so pull your fingers out!).

IPSC Australia Nationals 2009

The Nationals will be held at TEPSL in Darwin NT between 9th & 13th of May 2009 and by all accounts it is shaping up to be a very good match. Once again if you wish to enter I urge you to get your entry in as soon as possible. Also I have heard that accommodation is starting to fill up so I would not leave it to the last minute to arrange things. For more information check out the IPSCA web site and the forum.

Also if you did not know, this year’s 2009 Nationals will be part of the Arafura Games which will mean a change in the days that the match will take place so make sure you check the IPSCNT web site www.ipscnt.org.au for up to date information and any extra entry requirements that are needed.

SSAA Steel Challenge Nationals 2009

I know this match is not an official IPSC match, but it’s a match that a lot of our members have competed in and enjoyed over the years. I have some news that a lot of you may find interesting about this match and what the future holds for it.

At the beginning of 2008 the USPSA brought the rights to the Steel Challenge Match from private owners in the USA (the match was started and owned by two guys in the US some years back). The SSAA has purchased the rights off the USPSA to run the Steel Challenge here in Australia.

Over the next few years the SSAA intend to build it into a premier match, with lots of advertising in their magazines and a large prize pool (just like the good old days). SSAA would like each State to run a Steel Challenge State Titles and each year there will be a Steel Challenge Nationals held.

At the moment I don’t have all the details on what the SSAA require from clubs wishing to hold matches or what they will require from competitors. I do know however that Craig Ginger has been appointed the SSAA Discipline Director for the match so hopefully the match requirements will not change much from what they are now. As soon as I know more I will let you know.

IPSCNSW Team members for 2009

I know there has been a bit of speculation already about the NSW teams for 2009 on the IPSC Australia forum. This is a little unfortunate as regardless of its authors intentions, this speculation is not in the best interest of our members as the wrong information can cause undue distress.

The IPSCNSW committee has a process in place to pick the teams and as long as I have been the Section Coordinator we have not had any one raise any real concerns about the team members selected. I can not see why this year would be any different. So while it is alright to speculate about who may or may not have made the teams it, it’s not really appropriate to congratulate potential members before the official teams are announced.

It is hoped to have all the teams finalised and the letters to team members ready for posting in the next few weeks and that the official notice will be posted on the IPSCNSW web site in January 2009.

IPSCNSW Membership Drive 2009

To start off the 2009 pro rata part of our 2008-2009 membership year, the IPSCNSW committee has decided to try and see if we can get a significant increase in new members by offering you, our current members, an incentive to find new IPSC members. After all you are our sports best ambassadors and who better to help us recruit new members.

The idea is that when you are out at your club and one of your clubs non IPSC members comes up to you or is just watching you practice, you take the time to say hello and tell them about our great discipline and if they are interested you help them arrange to do the holster course with your clubs or another clubs IPSCNSW approved holster course instructor.

Basically you become a friendly face for them to ask questions of how and what they need to do, to become involved in our discipline and for all this effort IPSCNSW will give you a chance to “Win a Chrony chronograph”.

IPSC Targets for Sale

IPSCNSW now has IPSC targets in stock for sale to our current IPSC affiliated clubs and our IPSCNSW members.

Cost will be $65.00 per 100 for all buff targets and $80.00 per 100 for No-shoot type (white one side, buff the other)

You or your club arrange pick up/delivery delivery.

For more information contact the IPSCNSW Section Co Ordinator.


That’s about it for this update. I know that 2009 will be quite busy for some of us, especially for first few months with SA, Vic & the NSW State Titles all on in a short time frame and then our Nationals, so some of us will again be living out of our range bags. If you are travelling to interstate matches I wish you a safe trip and good shooting! For those of us staying home I hope you manage to make it to some of our matches for the year.

On behalf of the IPSCNSW committee I would like to wish you all members a Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year.

Shoot Safe and Shoot Fast.

Glenn Land

IPSCNSW Section Co Ordinator

Please find a copy of the Minutes from the 2008 IPSCNSW AGM here.

Hi All

I know this news update is running a little late, but first off I would like to wish you all the best for the New Year and hope you had a safe and enjoyable Christmas break. I also hope that you had plenty of rest and that you are looking forward to another busy year of IPSC.

Matches in 2008

Coffs Harbour DVC Challenge

This year we have wasted no time in holding our first match, as by now the Coffs Harbour DVC Challenge has been run and won. By all accounts it was another very good match put on by the members of Coffs, with able assistance from members from Grafton.

They had a reasonably good turn out for the match with quite a few Queenslanders making the effort and coming south for it, which was very pleasing.

Unfortunately, I think quite a few of our members stayed away because of concerns about the weather leading up to the match, which was unfortunate as by all reports the match was held under good weather for most of the weekend with the only bit of rain on Saturday afternoon. Hopefully next year a few more of us will take the punt and head to Coffs for the Match.

Match Calendar

The 2008 match calendar is starting to fill up, so keep and eye on it. There are only a few more clubs left to nominate dates for matches then the calendar will be full. The Super Sunday Series is a bit slow in the uptake this year so if you are a member of a club that usually runs one don’t be shy; offer your club delegate a hand in designing or setting up or running a Super Sunday as you will learn a lot from it and they will appreciate the offer.


Blacktown Pistol Club will be running Round 1 of the Super Sunday Series on the 24th of February. For those of use getting ready for the State Titles and Nationals this will be a good shakedown match and if you have never been to a match before or you are a new shooter there is no better way to find out what an IPSC open is like than shooting in a Super Sunday Match.

Also as a point of interest for the BPC Super Sunday match, entry’s will close on Saturday the 23rd of February at 4pm, “Yes that’s right” there will be no entering on the day. BPC have several ways to enter on the entry form so do the right thing, help the club out and you won’t miss out.

NSW State Titles

For those of you that are not aware, the State Titles will be held at Hume Pistol club and entries are filling fast. If you wish to shoot the match, pull your finger out (entry form here) as there will be a cut off limit for entries and once that’s met the limit, that’s it.

Remember too, that it’s the last match before our IPSC Nationals and a lot of our members and those from other States will be looking at it as their final practise before the Nationals so if you want to shoot in it, send your entry in now.

IPSC Australia Nationals 2008

The Australian IPSC National Handgun Championships will be held at Eagle Park Shooting Range, Little River, Victoria between the 21st and 23rd of March (entry form here). By all accounts it is shaping up to be a very good match and once again if you wish to enter get your entry in as soon as possible. I have heard that accommodation is starting to fill up so I would not leave it to the last minute to arrange things. For more information check out the IPSCA web site.

IPSCNSW Team members for 2008

At this time I would like to congratulate those that have made the cut for the 2008 IPSCNSW & NSWAPA Teams as they have all put in a very good effort during 2007 to make the teams for 2008 and I wish them all the best for the upcoming Nationals.

By the way if you see your name below and have not yet received your team slot offer can you please contact me as soon as possible.

Gold Open                                                                                                                 

Damien Fitzgerald

Doug Petts

Robert Vlakic

Dean Noakes

Silver Open                                                                                                                

Paul Vardanega

Darko Mihaljevic

Murray Bignell

Diana Williams

Gold Standard

Brian Blight

Mathew Workman

Adrian Keed

Glenn Land

Silver Standard

Shane King

Mark Kissun

Peter Maruncic

Warren West

Gold Production

Gary White

Jim Staader

Ed Schulz

Bruce McHardy

Top Juniors

Standard         Chris Jobson

Production      Matthew Taylor

Top Lady – Open        Diana Williams

Other Team information

This year for those that are interested the Official NSWAPA Teams Hotel will be at the Best Western Admiralty Motor Inn, Geelong and the teams bus will leave from their each day. If you have sent back your signed Teams Member’s Agreement you will soon receive a Team Member’s information letter that will give your all the extra information you will need as a Team member. If you have not yet sent it back then sign it and get it back to me.


That’s about it for this update. I know that this year we have quite a bit on in the first few months with SA, Vic & the NSW State Titles all on in a short time frame and then our Nationals, so some of us will be living out of our range bags for the foreseeable future. If you are travelling to interstate matches I wish you a safe trip and all the best. For those of us staying home this year I hope you manage to make it to one of our 2-Day Opens or a Super Sunday match or three during the year.

Shoot Safe and Shoot Fast.

Glenn Land


Section Co Ordinator

Dear Members,

I am sure you are all aware of the upcoming Federal Elections to be held on November the 24th 2007. Like me, you may be unsure of what impact on us, and our sport, the results will have on our future.

While it would be prudent at this time for me to be able to tell you that one party or the other has our sports best interest at heart, unfortunately I cannot. What I can say is that there are definitely a few political parties that if they get enough power will hurt our sport in the future.

In order to assist you to make the most informed decision you can come polling day, I urge you to take the time to read the following information available from the SSAA. It gives a run down on the polices from most of the major parties.


(Left click to open the link or right click to on it to download a copy of the article).

So if you get the time please have a read, also if you can pass the information on to any of your like minded friends that will also be a great help.

Bye for now and safe shooting.

Glenn Land

IPSCNSW Section Co Ordinator.


With the cancellation of the Newtec match, the IPSCNSW AGM will now be held after competition finishes at the Blacktown Open match on the 11th November 2007. Shooting should finish at about lunch time, AGM will be held, while the scores are tallied, then after the AGM we will do the match presentations.


The Webmaster

The Graeme Lyttle Memorial Match

Hi all,

I have a match update for you. Robert Tucker contacted me (Grafton PC club delegate) and has asked me to let you all know that the upcoming team selection match to be held at Grafton Pistol Club on the 1st & 2nd of September will now be called the Graeme Lyttle Memorial Match, as tribute to our comrade who passed away earlier this year.

If you are able to make the trip north to Grafton over the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of September that will be great. I can think of no better way of showing our appreciation of the work and effort that Graeme gave to IPSC over the years, you can find entry form for the match on our calendar page.

That’s it for now. I look forward to seeing you at a match.


Glenn Land

Hi all

Well the 2007 IPSC Nationals have been run and won, for those of you who weren’t aware, this year they were in the Northern Territory at the Top End Practical Shoot League Pistol Club out side of Darwin. 301 competitors tested themselves against 18 challenging stages over 3 days to discover who the winners where for the 2007 IPSC Australia National Handgun Championships. At the end of the day, the sport of IPSC was the real winner as we all came together to compete and enjoy our sport.

So here is a quick (of sorts) match report.

For the majority of our NSW members, our match weekend started on Wednesday night with a flight out of Sydney that had us arriving in Darwin very late around midnight. Unfortunately this was to set the trend over the coming days. with Thursday being our only “easy” day, where most of us would have a late start to the day.

On Thursday, once we got our bearings and worked out how to find the range, we headed out for our first look at the TEPSL (Top End Practical Shooting League) range and the stages that we would be testing over the coming days. The first thing that most of us noticed was the distance from Darwin to the range; at around 60-plus kilometres plus about 8 kilometres of dirt road, the trip to and from the range would prove to be very long each day, requiring very early starts to our days.

The first thing you saw as you drove into the complex was the club house, set in an oasis  with large over hanging trees and a very green and well kept lawn, which was in stark contrast to the surrounding bush, a lot of it only recently having been burnt out.

The complex itself was a very pleasant surprise, with an excellent set up. Some of the ranges were very new, only just constructed for our Nationals, which just about doubled the number of ranges they had when the club agreed to hold the match.

Past the club house you came across the 15, yes 15 ranges all facing south, which was good because that meant the sun was generally behind you while shooting. A lot of the old ranges had very good shelters built at the backs of them and for the rest of the ranges the TEPSL club had erected sun shades, which even though it is winter, the sun up in the top end still had quite a bite to it, most days peaking at around 28 C to 30 C, so most of us needed to keep the sunscreen up during the match.

As a side note it should be mentioned that all of this work was carried out by a club that has only 28 members in total! TEPSL are to be congratulated for their efforts.

As for the stages I don’t think I can do them justice here in words; I hope you get a chance to see some photo’s of them as they where all very well finished off. Quite a lot of work went into the painting of them by the local school children in traditional aboriginal themes, some of them almost being works of art.

Once you got over how good the stages looked and started to look at the target placement at first it appeared the stages weren’t going to be too hard, with targets being any where from 1m out to about 20m. This was very deceptive, as most targets where open targets with only 1 or 2 no-shoots thrown in here or there just to break up the flow on most stages.

As it turned out, it’s not that easy to place good hit’s on a target when you have to lean out around a wall or squat down and engage it through a low port or to hit a swinger going flat out or drop turner that disappears just as the door opens, so all of a sudden a stage that looked relatively easy now had quite a sting to it if you didn’t quite get it right.

The first day (Friday) required competitors to be at the range well before 8am for the opening ceremony and competitors briefing, with the competition starting at 9am. This meant that for those of staying Darwin we would need to be up around 5.30 am or 6 am if you where staying at the Free Sprit Resort. This was the norm for the other competition days, as on Saturday and Sunday shooting was to commence by 8 am instead of 9am as on the first day. Depending on your squadding and what rotation you where on you could be looking at a 6.30pm finish. By the time you left the range and then drove back into Darwin (1 hour) or the Free Spirit Resort (30 minutes) each night and checked your gear and got ready to go out for dinner you where looking at another late night with a early start the next day.

Over the course of the weekend I tried to speak with most of the NSW members attending the match and every one said that they where enjoying the match. All had tails to tell of the stage that got away or how they nailed a stage, and I know of quite a few NSW club delegates that now can’t wait to add some of the stage ideas into their upcoming matches, which should make our matches here in NSW more interesting in the future.

At the end of the day, after the match was all over and all the dust had settled and the trophy’s and medallions where handed out, NSW was well represented in the all the divisions and here are a few stand out efforts.

Joshua Kelly                         3rd outright – Production

Gary White                            7th outright – Production

Matthew Taylor                   Junior Production Champion

Jodi McGarry                       Ladies Production Champion

Brian Blight                          6th outright – Standard

Craig Ginger                         5th outright – Open

NSW Gold Standard Team 2nd outright

Brian Blight

Mathew Workman

Sam Lopresti

Glenn Land

That’s about it. I think everyone that went had a good time and enjoyed the match.

Once again I would like to say that it was an outstanding match put on by the boys and girls of the NT.

Safe shooting and see you at the range.


Organised by NSW Section Coordinator Glenn Land, the day was well attended, with the majority of team members present.

The day got underway at 9.30 with a brief talk by Craig Ginger who kindly volunteered his time as trainer. Craig emphasised the importance of sight picture and shooting two sighted shots. He also explained the difference between “practice” and  “training”.

We moved up onto the ranges and Craig watched as each team member shot several rounds firstly at 10 metres then at 20 and again at 40 metres to check for zero and to allow Craig to observe trigger control & technique.

The group then moved onto range 2 where a 28 round Comstock course had been constructed. Each of the team members had the opportunity to walk through the course of fire slowly with their pistol out, allowing them to establish a good sight picture on each target.

After the walk through, each shooter ran through the course of fire and had their performance critiqued by Craig. The group then shot the stage a second time, again under Craig’s watchful eye, this time for score.

On range 1, two smaller Comstock stages had been set up, a 12 round stage consisting of 5 standard poopers and a mini popper in a line and three paper targets, and a 10 round stage of 5 paper targets. Team Members ran through each stage once only for time & score, with the dulcet tones of Mr Ginger urging them on.

After lunch, the teams moved onto range three where a 32 round Comstock stage had been constructed that took advantage of that range’s almost 260° arc of fire. Target placement lead to awkward engagements and rushed reloads for all shooters, reinforcing the need for polishing skills before the Nationals.

On behalf of IPSC NSW I would like to thank Craig Ginger for donating his time and expertise for the day. I would also like to thank Glenn Land, Craig Ginger, Sam Lopresti and Geoff Mathews for setting up the ranges and Blacktown Pistol Club for waiving the usual visitor fee for Team Members for the day.


Graeme Lyttle

1951 – 2007

It is with great sadness that I must report the passing Graeme Lyttle on Saturday 31st of March 2007.

Graeme had been an enthusiastic member of IPSC for as long as I can remember and a well respected NROA range officer both here in NSW and around the country.

He was one of those members that had a real passion for our sport of IPSC and over the years he contributed to our sport in many ways as our NSW Chief Range Officer, Match Official, Range Officer, Club Delegate and just a plain competitor, all of his efforts have been greatly appreciated by our IPSC members and our sport will miss his involvement in the future.

So on behalf of IPSCNSW and all of his many IPSC friends I would like to pass on our condolences to his wife and family for their loss and remind them that our thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

Glenn Land


Section Co Ordinator

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