Qantas Dangerous Goods Approval Letter (valid to December 2015)

IPSC NSW Individual Member Affiliation Form

IPSC NSW Club Affiliation Form

The IPSC Handgun Rules – January 2017 Edition

NSW Safe Storage of Firearms Requirements

Templates for the 8 Current Steel Challenge Stages

Steel Challenge Rules

NSW APA Team Downloads

NSW-APA Team Members Entitlements for:

  • Gold Open Team
  • Gold Standard Team
  • Silver Open Team
  • Gold Production Team
  • Silver Standard Team

NSW-APA Teams Selection Criteria

NSW-APA Team Member Conduct Agreement

NSW-APA Team Reimbursement Form

IPSC NSW Team Forms

IPSC NSW Teams Selection Criteria

IPSC NSW Team Member Conduct Agreement

IPSC NSW Teams Reimbursement Form

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