Hello to all IPSC members I would first like to wish everyone a very happy new year and hope you are all well.

I would  like to go back a little to our last match that was held at Newcastle and our A.G.M. last year for those of you that attended the A.G.M. I spoke briefly that there would be some changes to the selection criteria for anyone wishing to make the N.S.W. state team.

The new selection criteria will be as follows.

There will be four (4) team selection matches instead of six (6) and the clubs hosting the selection matches will have it on their entry forms this does not mean you do not have to attend any other matches that the other hosting clubs put on I would encourage everyone to attend and support all clubs in N.S.W. whether it be team selection or not.

Also as part of the four (4) selection matches you MUST shoot your State Titles as part of the 4, I will no longer accept another State Titles from interstate and if should the need arise and we have two or more people that are extremely close or tide for positions another selection match will be hosted to determine the winner (for those people only).

The first match will be our State Titles in Hume,  Blacktown will be hosting a match in a couple of weeks this is a prep for New Zealand it is not a team selection.

All other aspects will stay the same as before as far as percentages for reimbursement or disqualification ect, and selection criteria may be amended or changed should the need arise or circumstances change as the A.P.A. funds the teams it reserves the right to do so.

For those of you that will be attending the nationals in New Zealand the same deal applies accommodation is based on twin share, air fare will be calculated to most cost effective flight ect.

Thank you & Kind Regards

Samuel  Lopresti

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